GHW, founded in 1995 in China, is a leading supplier of Fine Chemicals in China, with annual turnover more than USD300 Million, provides complete solutions and the finest quality products for a range of industries worldwide. 

Through a highly integrated network including over 40 distribution centers in China, and overseas branches in USA, Europe, Vietnam, India, Russia, Ukraine, GHW provides service to more than 10 thousand customers in the world. We employ over 500 people worldwide who are engaged in many diverse activities, developing our company into chosen market leadership positions.

Animal Nutrition

Global leader in the manufacturer of choline chloride, betaine/betaine HCl, and trace mineral supplements. Supply well qualified and cost efficient additives to feed industry to protect animal health and enhance productivity.Learn more

Pet Food

CNSL is a natural product that is used as raw material for the synthesis of wide variety of polymers and water resistant resins, it also has numerous applications in industries like automobile, paint and so on and so forth.Learn more

PU Chemicals

Solution of PU material system.

Learn more
Iodine Derivatives

Widely used in pharmaceuticals, feed additives, nylon, and LCD industries, etc. Our unique techniques make us the leader manufacturer in Asia, and are capable to produce pure grades of all common Iodides and Iodates. Combined with professional recycling technology, we can lower production cost while avoiding environment wastes. Learn more

O&G Chemicals

Choline chloride is a very popular commercial clay stabilizer and shale inhibitor in drilling fluid .

With higher efficiency, better compatibility, more safety, readily biodegradable, and good workability, it has become to be the most wildly used KCl substitute chemical.Learn more

Fine Chemicals
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